2 ASX stocks that might be worth reviewing this weekend


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The weekend might be a good time to consider reviewing some ASX stocks.

Stocks are often described as volatile. But it also means that investors are offered different opportunities at different (sometimes lower) prices.

These two ASX actions could be two worthy of interest:

VanEck Vectors Video Games & Esports ETF (ASX: ESPO)

As the name suggests, this investment is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that aims to give investors exposure to the video games and esports industry.

There are only a total of 26 companies in the portfolio. The ten largest positions represent nearly 62% of the portfolio. These names are: Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, Tencent, Sea, Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Netease, Bilibili, Unity Software and Roblox.

This ETF actually has more of the portfolio allocated to Asia than any other region. Asian weights include China (19.5%), Japan (18%), Singapore (6.7%), South Korea (4.6%) and Taiwan (1.7%). The United States has a weight of 43.2%, so it still has the largest weight for a single country. The other countries include Sweden and France.

According to VanEck, two of the ETF’s selling points are that it is an opportunity for dynamic growth and that it offers technological diversification. ASX Stock invests in the future of sport and accesses companies that are well positioned to profit from the growing popularity of video games and eSports. Its portfolio offers technological diversification away from the usual names like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet / Google and Microsoft.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Over the past three years, the index that VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF tracks has produced an average return per year of 31%.

Volpara Health Technologies Ltd (ASX: VHT)

Volpara is a leading ASX share in the field of medical technology.

Its main goal is to provide software to help analyze breast scans. The company has invested (and acquired businesses) to ensure that its breast health platform delivers the best patient experience, easier integration of expanded patient journeys, and provides support for customer reporting compliance, while positioning the company for a ladder.

A particular objective of the company is the “risk” to the patient. She recently purchased CRA Health to expand its premier personalized risk offerings to all clients while gaining a better connection with genetics companies.

The company is seeing an increase in its gross profit margin, an increase in the group’s average revenue per user (ARPU) and improved scalability.

In fiscal year 21, the gross profit margin increased to 91%. The group’s ARPU fell from US $ 1.16 in half-year FY21 result to US $ 1.40 in FY21 result. During FY21, total revenue increased by 57% and gross margin increased by 67%, while operating costs only increased by 8%.

In FY 22, ASX stock expects higher ARPU, new customers, upselling to existing customers, acquisitions and a high retention rate.

Most of the new sales are now in two or three of Volpara’s products, which represents a significant increase in ARPU and relationships with genetics companies are expected to increase further.


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