America’s home services industry is finally getting fantastic


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The long-awaited arrival of the UK’s leading home service provider, Fantastic Services, is finally here. The UK’s fastest growing franchisor, with over 530 businesses on three continents, is ready to help Americans achieve their business ambitions.

Fantastic Services has been a household name across the ocean for over a decade now, thanks to its impeccable services, award-winning business model and above all its huge investments in high-end technology solutions. With them, the UK’s largest home services franchisor has managed to create an extensive partnership network of over 530 franchisees across Europe, Australia and Africa.

Now, after a year of record profits and growth, Fantastic Service has finally set foot in the US market, where they will bring much-needed change with their people-focused attitude and dedication to sustainability. The company is a champion of environmentally friendly practices in the home services industry and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by the end of the decade.

“The companies that will survive, continue to grow and continue to operate will be those that embrace green initiatives and sustainability,” says Anton Skarlatov, co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services.

“We don’t need to go to Mars or any other planet for that matter, our Earth is our home and we must strive in our daily practices to protect it. As a company, we are committed to pursuing our efforts to do what we can protect our home by helping our customers maintain and protect theirs,” says business partner Rune Sovndahl.

Texas, Georgia and Florida will be the first three states to take advantage of Fantastic Services business opportunities and impeccable home services. The British brand is looking to partner with ambitious locals looking for an opportunity to start their own business, but need a little extra push, help and know-how. Fantastic Services offers plans for 25 of its most successful services to offer local entrepreneurs.

“As an international franchise company, we are a company of local businesses, and that is why investing locally is so important to us. Each of our partners invests locally, employs locally, across the UK, the Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Australia, and now in the United States,” says co-founder Rune Sovndahl.

The tech-driven company is still at the forefront of the home services industry, but what really gives them an edge over the competition is the sheer amount of services they offer. With over 100 home services in their portfolio and the plans of successful businesses in these niches, Fantastic Services is a true one stop shop for anyone trying to gain a foothold in the highly competitive industry. Their partners enjoy lucrative benefits such as onboarding, ongoing training, access to their multimillion-dollar technology solutions, and custom CRM system. In addition, they can count on more than 500 internal experts who constantly support them in the areas of marketing, sales, IT, finance, customer support, etc.

Right now, Fantastic Services is looking for the right people who can take on the responsibility of representing their brand in their local communities. Anyone interested can find additional information at


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