Business as usual at EVRAZ in Pueblo, despite its ties to Russia


“EVRAZ is a big enough player to create a bit of uncertainty in the whole steel industry,” she said.

However, Bailey said if the Pueblo plant could continue to produce steel products, there would likely be a market for them.

“Supply chains are already disrupted,” due to the pandemic and other factors, Bailey said. “So if they have a steady supply of steel, I don’t think what happens with that particular company will necessarily impact their (customer’s) buying decisions.”

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar said in a recent statement that he is monitoring the situation. “Sanctions against EVRAZ plc shareholders are unlikely to affect operations at the Pueblo plant,” he said.

A statement from the company said, “ENA operates independently in the United States and Canada, in all areas, including sourcing raw materials, operating production facilities and corporate finance. In the United States and Canada, we represent the domestic industry. We produce steel with American and Canadian workers, supporting the American and Canadian economies. Our facilities are rooted in the local communities in which they operate.


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