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Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], October 6 (ANI / BusinessWire India): Anil Kapoor is not only jhaka as an actor, but also to stay fit like a violin. Through a quirky musical rap video song, the extraordinarily energetic Mr India and the very talented SlowCheeta subtly introduce the brilliant concept of Investing in Return on Health (ROH).

With their top notch performances, they urge audiences to start earning ROH through the Future Generali Health Super Saver Plan. FGII’s exciting Return to Health (ROH) campaign aims to familiarize people with the idea of ​​investing in health and fitness to earn cash returns on health.

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Simply put, ROH kamaya kya? Health is wealth banaya kya?

Often young people find insurance irrelevant to them. They think it’s a loss if there are no claims. Many believe that their fitness is the only insurance they need. Future Generali has taken this initiative head-on and created a solution for young people with a product that rewards people who stay in shape, giving an 80% discount on a loss-free year, thus providing the consumer with a “Look back at health”. Health (ROH) ”.

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AK is a prime example of someone who sowed the seeds of investing in health as a youth and is now reaping the rewards. The 80% discount proposition is so strong that only an evergreen actor like Anil Kapoor is fit enough to match the proposition! It has been over four decades since he began to prioritize investing in his health.

The perfect combination of Anil Kapoor and SlowCheeta, in a funky rap video, seemed like the right way to appeal to the younger demographic.

What is special about this campaign is that people can become eligible for the 80% “Super Saver Discount”, where they will only have to pay 20% of their next premium, when they do not claim health insurance.

People are likely not to apply for health insurance when they invest in fitness and stay healthy. Therefore, the money saved on the premium is the return one earns by investing in health. This is how one can create an ROH with Future Generali Health Super Saver.

For the first time, Anil Kapoor will be seen in an independent music video. It is also the first time that an insurance brand has created a rap video for its offerings. In this rap, the actor reveals why he stays in shape and what he gets out of it. ROH is another type of savings opportunity brought to the market by Kapoor. AK is Return on Health’s flagship, and now advises young people on how and why to earn ROH with Future Generali.

Commenting on the campaign, Ruchika Varma, Director of Marketing, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited, said: “The Health Super Saver policy has a strong value proposition with an 80% premium discount for a loss-free year. We know that the younger age group make fitness a priority and are more likely to have a year without a complaint, and our product and campaign is run for that segment. Anil Kapoor is one of the fittest and most beloved actors of any age group. On the other hand, we have Slow Cheetah, whose contemporary music resonates so well with our audiences. We are confident that a mix of these personalities will strike a chord with young Indians and create the desired appeal and affinity towards the health insurance category. Through this initiative, we not only want to expand insurance penetration to a newer and younger audience for the health insurance category, but also want to start a conversation that insurance is not. a cost or a loss, but protection that must be taken at a younger age, which avoids waiting periods, higher premiums and co-payments at an advanced age. “

Future Generali India has consistently leveraged its global insurance expertise in various products to serve clients to provide retail, commercial, personal and rural insurance solutions to individuals and businesses to mitigate risk. As a brand whose goal is to serve and guide customers with empathy, Future Generali has developed this exciting health insurance product: ” Future Generali Health Super Saver ”.

It includes a unique “super saver discount” benefit and offers an 80% discount on the following year’s premium for a loss-free year, essentially rewarding people who invest in their health and save on the year’s premium. next. ROH’s gripping video is shot in the style of a typical rap song, making it entertaining content first and commercial then.

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