Evolve YT Launches Accelerated Gross Profit Program


Evolve YT is launching its Accelerated Gross Profit (AGP) program, a type of beta test.

AGP’s beta test has four participating pest control companies across the country. It takes a supervisor from each company to work one-on-one with Evolve YT instructors for eight weeks. During these weeks, instructors will work with managers to better develop their supervisory skills in order to increase productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, reduce cost of goods sold and accelerate their gross margin.

Early beta participants include Pest-End Inc. in New Hampshire, A Diamond-Certified Pest (ATCO) Pest Control in California, Accel Pest & Termite Control in Virginia and Ohio, and Thomas Pest Services in New York.

“What makes the beta of AGP unique is that it drives the activities of service managers in the six core principles responsible for accelerating the gross profit of a pest control company,” said the CEO Phil Cooper. “While students who attend our Supervisor Development courses learn the activities that work, the beta makes learning a reality by turning it into measurable activities. “

The beta test participants are:

  • Courtney Carace, COO of Pest-End Inc.
  • Richard Estrada, owner of ATCO Pest Control
  • Jon Furdek, Accel pest and termite control
  • Anthony Siewert, Thomas Pest Services

Evolve YT plans to conduct a phase 2 beta after the first phase is completed. For companies interested in participating in the beta, click here.

About Evolve YouTube

Evolve YT offers interactive learning that delivers same-day apps. Its Supervisor Development Courses are an example of our applied learning format by offering a variety of six-week courses, two-day training camps, and one-day sessions to help build your team’s greatness. The program offers a personalized assessment to help you separate the suitors from the suitors in your business.


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