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ROCK HILL, SC /ACCESSWIRE/March 15, 2022/ Today is the deadline for many businesses to file their tax returns with the IRS. This includes many different business tax returns, but the most common are the 1120-S for S-Corporations and 1065 for partnerships. Any business that is struggling to complete their tax return should seriously consider requesting an extension!

This can be done easily by filing an extension form 7004. The IRS recommends that businesses file their extension requests electronically, as it is the most efficient method of filing. Businesses looking for a last-minute extension can e-file with ExpressExtension for fast, accurate, and instant updates from the IRS.

When filing with ExpressExtension.comthe first provider of electronic files authorized by the IRS, filing an extension for your business, personal or tax-exempt returns has never been easier!

One of the biggest misunderstandings of tax extensions is that tax payments are included. Tax payments must be made by the original deadline. ExpressExtension provides businesses with convenient options for paying their balance owing to the IRS.

ExpressExtension makes the process of filing an extension even simpler and stress-free, with a Express Guarantee. This means that all clients who deposit a duplicate Form 7004 that is rejected by the IRS as a duplicate filing, will receive a full refund. Clients with rejected forms citing other error codes can correct and resubmit their forms to the IRS at no additional cost.

Plus, tax professionals can take advantage of specialized features including volume-based pricing, bulk download capabilities, and more!

Asked about the March 15 deadline, Agie Sundaram, CEO and co-founder of SPAN Enterprises, ExpressExtension’s parent company, replied, “Our team is here to help any business that needs to file an extension for their tax returns. ExpressExtension offers a superior solution. Our customers can file their Form 7004 easily and accurately, thanks to our user-friendly process and excellent customer support team. »

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SPAN Enterprises is the parent company of ExpressExtension and a variety of other business management and e-filing applications. Located in the small town of Rock Hill, SC, SPAN Enterprises proves that big ideas grow in small towns.

With existing business management and electronic filing applications such as TruckLogics, ExpressTruckTax, TaxBandits and ExpressTaxExempt, SPAN Enterprises is at the forefront of innovative applications. Learn more about

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