Gardeners prepare for the sale of plants


A small assortment of plants that will be on sale during the fall plant sale.

Michael B. Hardison | Independent Sampson

Last Wednesday, Sampson County’s master gardeners worked hard on a day of work in the park to prepare for their next fall plant sale.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Sampson County Cooperative Extension, located at 55 Agriculture Place, Clinton.

“This time of year is a great time to plant, so we have a good variety of plants that we’ve prepared,” said master gardener Ann Butler. “We’ve already set our prices and we’ll have everything full screen so people can see what the plants look like when people come. “

“There is even how to take care of them out there and so we are looking forward to hopefully a big crowd to come and have a really good deal on the fall plants,” she said. declared.

They certainly have a large selection, buyers can expect to find everything from Fig Trees (15/3 gallon pot), Aucuba (10/3 gallon pot), Gardenia Augusta, Cape Jasmine Gardenia, Golden Rain Tree ( each 12/3 gallon jar)), Blueberries (8/3 gallon jar) and Edgeworthia ($ 6 / $ 8 / $ 8 for 1/2/3 / gallon jars).

An assortment of azaleas from GG Gerbing, Hershey Red, and Pink Ruffles has prices ranging from $ 1-4-12 per plant, $ 5-9-10 per plant, and 10 and above are $ 9 per plant. These are just a few of those that will be available on sale.

“If people want to do something in their garden, in terms of landscaping, this is a great time of year to plant plants,” Butler said. “This will give the root system time to develop, which will help them have beautiful plants next spring. So I encourage anyone looking to make improvements or improvements to their home landscaping to come shop with us.

Butler also noted that the money from the sale of the plants benefits environmental improvement and education projects for youth, adults and the farming community.

“We are also using our funds to purchase supplies to support our greenhouse, propagation areas and demonstration gardens,” she said. “While the Master Gardeners report to Cooperative Extension, we are a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers trained by North Carolina State University. “

A few fellow master gardeners from Butler were there this week to help prepare for the fall plant sale and echoed his thoughts.

“Fall is just a great time to plant,” said Marcia Edgerton. “It’s cooler, there’s more humidity and the gardens really have a head start for next year. People are often more interested in the spring and they do themselves a favor if they do some of the work in the fall. This way, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor in the spring.

“We have a lot of blood, sweat and tears in our plants right now and they have a really good root system and we’re proud of them,” said Sue Williams. “Nothing beats going out and digging in the dirt and we are ready to pass them on to anyone who wants them. “

Although the fall plant sale is only for this day, the plants can still be brought in after the event.

“People who can’t attend the Oct. 23 plant sale can still purchase plants by making an appointment,” Butler said. “A master gardener will help them select the appropriate plants for their landscaping needs. “

Butler also shared a little preview of some of their upcoming events after the fall plant sale.

“In addition to the fall plant sale, in November we sell Christmas plants, especially premium poinsettias, Christmas cacti and amaryllis,” she said. “Finally, every April we have a spring plant sale where people can buy azaleas, aucubas, gardenias and many other landscaping plants.”

For more information on sales, scheduling an appointment, or becoming a Master Gardener, contact Cooperative Extension Services at 910-592-7161 and ask for a Master Gardener or Lynn Raynor.

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