Great Wall Motor: GWM Releases 2021 Performance Report With Revenue Over RMB 136.3 Billion, Up 32% YoY


Great Wall Motor Co., LTD. (stock code: 601633.SH, 02333.HK; hereinafter referred to as GWM) published the 2021 performance report on January 23. In 2021, GWM recorded gross revenue of RMB 136.317 billion, an increase of 31.95% year-on-year, and net profit of RMB 6.781 billion, an increase 26.45% year-over-year. The average selling price of a single vehicle exceeded RMB 106,400, a year-on-year increase of 14.50%.

In 2021, GWM accelerated its transformation into “Global Intelligent Technology Company”. The official release of its 2025 strategy launched a new journey of advancement in electrification and intelligence. It will continue to promote category innovation, accelerate the pace of global competition, and comprehensively promote the continuous improvement of business operation quality and steady performance growth.

Category innovation drives the continuous improvement of its brands’ influence in the market

The overall improvement in annual performance stems from the continued release of potential energy from the GWM product matrix. Over the past year, GWM has continued to pursue category innovation and create “fashion brands and fashion products” of a new era, promoted the creation of the TANK brand and the world’s first of Saloon Auto, and launched more than 30 new products such as HAVAL Chitu, HAVAL Shenshou, WEY Mocha, WEY Macchiato DHT – PHEV, WEY Latte DHT, TANK 300 City Edition, TANK 500, ORA GOODCAT GT, to stimulate the demand of the Marlet.

HAVAL Shenshou


In 2021, GWM sold more than 1.28 million new vehicles, a 15.2% year-on-year increase, surpassing one million sales for six consecutive years and hitting an all-time high. Among them, the total sales of new energy vehicles reached 137,000 units, accounting for 10.7% of the total sales volume, and overseas sales reached 143,000, an increase of 103.7% from year-on-year, representing 11.1% of total sales. volume.

WEY Mocha


Category innovation steadily increases the influence of GWM brands in the marketplace. HAVAL recorded annual sales of 770,000 units, remaining firmly at the top of the Chinese SUV market; ORA sold 135,000 units in 2021, a 140% year-on-year increase. With its monthly sales exceeding 20,000 units for the first time in December 2021, ORA has firmly ranked at the top of the national new energy vehicle market. WEY has seen the annual cumulative sales of 58,000 units and more than 450,000 cumulative users. Immediately after the launch of WEY Latte DHT in December, the brand recorded monthly sales of over 10,000 units. TANK delivered 85,000 units throughout the year, accounting for more than 50% of the rigid SUV market share, won first place in China’s off-road SUV market; GWM Pickup has remained number one in domestic and export sales for 24 consecutive years, and recorded 233,000 unit sales in 2021 and cumulative global sales of over 2 million units.

TANK 500

Committed to science and technology innovation and global development, ready to start 2022 New Journey

Committed to the philosophy of “well-targeted steps to pursue industry leadership” in the new field of electrification and intelligence over the past year, GWM has successively promoted R&D and product development of a number of advanced technologies. It will open a new chapter of business advancement with its strength in 2022.

In the field of intelligence, GWM will continue to improve the intelligence level of products based on the IOV application covering HAVAL, WEY, ORA, TANK and POER in the coming year. It will continue to expand the circle of the Coffee intelligence ecological alliance and will have more than 150 partners. Along with building smart green industries such as Horizon Robotics, GWM will accelerate the R&D and mass production of smart vehicles, and continue to explore the vast blue ocean of smart travel.

GWM – Watch, GWM’s first smart vehicle control watch launched

In the field of electrification, GWM Dayu Battery Technology will be applied to its new energy series models in 2022 to improve the security level of power batteries; Cobalt-free batteries will be carried in more models to promote the trend of cobalt-free electric batteries. GWM will usher in the new year of energy vehicle products, with new products ready for launch; In addition, WEY will apply the new energy comprehensively. LEMON’s hybrid DHT and hydrogen technologies will continue to be applied to facilitate low-carbon travel. The 3.0T+9AT/9HAT super powertrain will be fitted to TANK 500 and other models to meet the needs of segmented market users.

GWM Dayu battery technology

GWM will also accelerate its globalization process. In 2022, WEY and TANK brands will launch and deliver their WEY Coffee 01 and TANK series models overseas, opening the new chapter of GWM’s overseas journey. HAVAL, ORA and GWM Pickup will also export more models overseas. While further developing advantageous markets such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Australia and South Africa, it will continue to actively explore more overseas markets such as Europe and Thailand. GWM has won the reputation of overseas users with the advantages of global smart technology new products.

Overview of GWM production and R&D

From annual sales of over 1.28 million vehicles to annual revenue of over RMB 136.3 billion, GWM has continuously reached a new peak of enterprise development in 2021. Standing at a new starting point in 2022, GWM will start again with the humble mentality, forge ahead with innovation and transformation, and launch a new charge to the strategic goal of 2025.


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