Make a fortune in the plumbing business


Plumbing is an essential aspect of a building, which consists of installing or repairing pipes and fittings in such a way that water is easily used and waste is disposed of.

The plumbing space is so large that you can specialize in different areas. You can be a residential or industrial plumber. One can also work on areas such as central heating, water recycling systems and oil and gas appliances.


People don’t hire unqualified plumbers. For you to be in this business, you need to acquire knowledge, either by enrolling in institutions that will give you that knowledge or by taking on a role as an apprentice. With the right qualifications, one can render more services and ultimately earn more money.

To get started, become an apprentice in a plumbing company. It can take anywhere from six months to several years, depending on how fast you can learn. Alternatively, you can take online courses or enroll in community colleges or vocational schools.

Plumbing service can only be done by professionals and the way to become a professional is to train.


Depending on the niche you want to cover, these are the basic materials that are needed. They include: pipes and fittings, buckets to store fittings, pipe wrenches, reciprocating saw, circular saw, right angle whole hog drill, cordless screwdriver, propane torch, cast iron pipe cutter, extension cords, joint compound / teflon tape and trucks.

Start-up capital

Starting a business is not cheap and will require money. As a plumber, your main cost will likely be investing in equipment. It depends on the type of market you want to serve, as cheap tools are unreliable and deteriorate much faster than higher quality ones.

Your start-up capital should cover office setup, labor costs, registration, licenses, equipment, marketing, and any other logistics.

If you cannot afford to start this business, you can attract investors with your business plan. Additionally, you can apply for loans from financial institutions or seek out business partners who can fund the business while you contribute your expertise.

Therefore, you will need a minimum of 1 million naira to get started.


According to Akinola Oshodi, a plumber, the plumbing business is profitable just as the global plumbing industry is expected to grow to over $120 billion by 2023. He says the industry is equally lucrative in Nigeria, as an average plumber can earn up to 1 million naira. , more or less, depending on the frequency of work.


One of the challenges in this business is price volatility and poor material pricing. Another is the difficulty in retaining customers. When the customer is unhappy with the work done, the likelihood of hiring another plumbing company is higher. This makes customer retention a huge challenge for plumbing companies.


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