Misfits Market Makes Quality Foods More Accessible With Sub-48 Expansion


DELANCO, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Misfits Market, the online grocery platform focused on accessibility, affordability and sustainability, today announced official availability in the lower 48 states with expansion into Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. The brand’s rollout in these four states will be comprehensive, serving nearly all urban, suburban and rural ZIP codes, fulfilling its commitment to provide accessibility in all markets.

What started as a mysterious box of organic produce, hand-delivered with a combination of rented vans and ride-shares in Philadelphia, Misfits Market is now a nationwide grocery retailer. Almost all consumers in the lower 48 states will now have access to organic produce, high-quality meats and seafood, plant-based proteins, everyday pantry staples, and newly launched product categories. dairy, bakery and wine, up to 40% reduction on traditional products. grocery prices.

A healthier and more affordable grocery option for shoppers

Over the past three years, Misfits Market has focused on expanding nationally and in-market, while continuing to build a comprehensive online grocery platform and provide everyone with access to quality food from sustainable sources. With this latest expansion, the company takes another step toward its commitment to eliminate food deserts and help end food apartheid in America by 2025.

“Three years ago, Misfits Market began with a vision to fight inequality and provide everyone, wherever they live, with access to quality food delivered at an affordable price,” said Abhi Ramesh, CEO and Founder of Misfits Market. “With grocery prices at an all-time high, we are excited to realize this vision by launching Misfits Market in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, providing access to food and a incredible value to buyers coast to coast.”

The Complete Online Grocery Experience

Since founding Misfits Market in 2018, the company has quickly become the go-to, affordable destination for weekly shopping, sending over 11 million orders and saving over 228 million pounds of food to date. Food rescue not only creates a positive environmental impact, but Misfits Market’s food supply chain also generated nearly $90 million in additional “rescue revenue” for farmers and vendors in 2021 alone.

By working directly with farmers and food manufacturers who share the company’s vision for a more sustainable food system, Misfits Market is now able to deliver a complete grocery experience, especially to neighborhoods that don’t have no healthy and affordable grocery options nearby. More importantly, the company continues to find ways to adapt its supply chain to provide customers with quality products with clear savings – on Misfits Market you can find brands such as Poppi, Truff, Taza Chocolate , Minor Figures, Dave’s Killer Bread, and more, all at a deep discount.

Getting your first Misfits Market box in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota couldn’t be easier. Simply create an account to start receiving weekly deliveries. We’ll start your cart with our best-selling groceries, then you can customize it with any of the over 500 items in our grocery aisles. Your groceries will be delivered right to your door – no hidden services, membership fees or tipping required.

Start here: https://www.misfitsmarket.com/sign-up.

About Misfits Market

Misfits Market, the direct-to-consumer online grocer focused on sustainability, affordability and accessibility, delivers value by making it easier to shop, dine and live a better life. The company created the first-of-its-kind food supply chain focused on building relationships with farmers, distributors and producers to eliminate food waste while expanding access to food. Today, Misfits Market provides fresh organic produce, quality protein, sustainably sourced pantry staples and other grocery items to nearly every zip code in 48 states up to 40 % discount on traditional grocery store prices. Founded in 2018, the company is headquartered in Greater Philadelphia and has raised over $525 million in funding. To learn more and order your first box, visit www.misfitsmarket.com.


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