Non-profit organizes fundraiser to support program to help parents raising other people’s children


JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) — A Mississippi nonprofit is holding its annual fundraiser to raise awareness for a program that supports those who help raise a parent’s child.

Mingle Merchandise is the annual garage sale fundraiser for Mississippi Families for Kids.

501c3 wants to publicize a family care program called Relatives Raising Others’ Children (ROC). It provides access to resources, referrals, and support services for family caregivers in Mississippi.

A caregiver is anyone who nurtures, develops and raises a child who is their parent, including an aunt, uncle, grandparent or cousin.

In Mississippi, the nonprofit says 44,986 grandparents are raising their grandchildren and 121,849 children live in homes where one parent is the head of the household.

ROC helps loved ones with:

  • Information to help raise children.
  • References to meet basic needs.
  • Access to a clothes closet.
  • Help with school supplies.
  • Meet others who have similar experiences in caring for loved ones.
  • Resources to meet the emotional and educational needs of children.
  • Workshops on legal rights, custody issues and visitation.

This family event will feature food, crafts, music and games for children. It will be in the parking lot of the New Jerusalem Church (North), located at 5708 Old Canton Road in Jackson.

Kinship Community Event supports and provides resources for parents raising other people’s children(Mississippi Families for Kids)

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