Profiting from the war | Nigeria impulse


Produce and sell weapons of war like planes, tanks, ships, helicopters. This business does not actually need war, but in the event of war it increases more than ordinary time.

War gives destruction but later you have to rebuild and it is good business for the countries that won the war and can control the rebuilding by employing contractors and engineers.

Wars are used to test new weapons to find out how well they work, as a weapon like a bomb cannot be tested anyway.

When you need to understand if your investment in technology is right, the best way is to use it in a war.

Likewise, when you have too many weapons and somehow have to destroy them in a smart way.

One of the goals of military medicine is to keep soldiers ready for action. It starts with the health of new recruits, but keeping troops in shape in battle also means preventing and controlling diseases that can devastate an army as effectively as any weapon.

Once the fighting starts, the medical service’s objective is to treat and return the troops to active service as quickly as possible. The military had to develop rapid and efficient systems both for treating the wounded on the front line and for transporting the seriously wounded to hospitals away from war.

As medicine has improved, more soldiers are surviving their injuries, but those who have suffered life-changing damage may need lifelong care and support. In the aftermath of the war, medicine had a role to play in rehabilitating the wounded and providing ongoing care to those suffering from chronic physical and mental illness.

Thanks to this medical team took advantage of the war because it made huge sales.

Thousands of soldiers away from home, they are tired of fighting all the time, providing them with some entertainment. Movies, games, simple toys, writing materials, newspapers, books will make you a huge profit during the war.

If you can have access to several large trucks to transport containers from a port or a railroad, and then deliver those containers to the smaller bases of a country, you will make a lot of profit in wartime.

Businesses wouldn’t risk investing and losing money if there was no possibility of making a profit in the end. Most people generally wouldn’t invest a lot of money if there was no possibility of a win. The problem is that governments need supplies and those supplies need a lot of private sector money; as such, the government cannot prohibit people from profiting from war.

Aggressive warfare is illegal; but then international law is difficult to apply in many cases; and in most cases, many governments do not want to apply international law to their allies.


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