San Antonio Businesses ‘Diversify’ As City Continues Growth, North SA Chamber of Commerce CEO Says



SAN ANTONIO – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected economies across the country, state and San Antonio, with many families and businesses still recovering.

The President and CEO of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce joined Leading SA on Sunday to explain what the recovery looks like and what the future of the city of Alamo could look like.

“It has negatively affected many businesses. The pandemic means people aren’t going out to shop as much, to go out, to eat as much. People don’t come to San Antonio to take care of themselves, to take trips, none of that. And so, it caused a downturn in some industries more than others. So we are still in a recovery phase at the moment, ”said Cristina Aldrete, President and CEO of the North SA Chamber.

The recovery continues but the recent increase in covid cases and hospitalizations is not helping.

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“Until we can make sure everyone is taking every precaution, making sure that people, as many people as possible, get vaccinated, I think that will help boost this economic recovery for all of us.” , said Aldrete.

Aldrete says it is impressive to see how San Antonio has continued to grow during this tumultuous time with new businesses looking to locate in the city.

“Even despite the pandemic, we still have a lot of interest in this. Keep in mind, the north room, we kind of get them (the companies) because they’ve already decided to move here. And that’s when they contact us and want to know more about the city and where to establish these business relationships ”, Aldrete noted.

There is noticeable growth in many parts of the city, according to Aldrete.

“If anyone has driven on the south side of San Antonio, there is tremendous growth, especially in the manufacturing sectors. You have big factories built there. You have Navistar, you have the TJ Maxx distribution center, you have Toyota, which always said they wanted to be able to expand their operations there as well. You know, the fact that I think San Antonio is a metropolitan area, that there are so many universities and so many community colleges is a big factor that is very attractive for companies to come, ”said Aldrete.

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We have seen the expansion on the northwest side, the Broadway corridor and south side revitalization projects, and the future is bright for our local economy.

“I think it’s going to be a very, very diverse population. I think we are even branching out into the business side at the moment. San Antonio for many years was tourist and military. And now we have the biological sciences, we have the technology, we have the cybersecurity, we have the manufacturing. So overall our whole footprint for the city and for the metro area diversifies different types of industries, which is a good thing, ”Aldrete said.

You can watch Leading SA’s full interview with Aldrete in the video player above.

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