Scott Franklin proposes bill to ensure companies can’t profit from selling fetal remains


This week, the United States Representative Scott FranklinR-Fla., presented the “Law banning profit-making loopholes from the abortion industryinsisting that his proposal will “close existing loopholes to ensure that abortion organizations cannot profit from the sale of fetal remains.”

Franklin’s office offered some of the details of the proposal.

“Universities, laboratories and other research institutes are permitted to use fetal tissue for scientific purposes. Currently, abortion organizations sell fetal tissue to these organizations, although they have been legally prohibited from making a profit on sales since 1993. Abortion organizations have successfully exploited loopholes in the law through refunds , gifts, and shipping and handling charges under what is known as the “good consideration” clause. Current law does not limit these exceptions, resulting in potentially unlimited benefits. Franklin’s bill will adjust the language of the existing law to address these shortcomings,” Franklin’s office noted.

“Abortion providers should never be allowed to profit from the deaths of innocent victims,” ​​Franklin said. “The fact that they can exploit a loophole in the law to do this is a terrible oversight by Congress that should have been corrected years ago. I am proud to introduce this bill so that we can close this loophole and block for-profit fetal tissue sales once and for all.

More than two dozen Republicans co-sponsor the proposal, including the United States Kat Cammack RepresentativesR-Fla., and Brian Mast, R-Fla.

The invoice was sent to the United States House Energy and Commerce Committee. So far, there is no follow-up action in the US Senate.

With Democrats controlling both houses on Capitol Hill, the bill is not expected to pass.

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