Want to make an extra $40,000 on your San Diego home sale? This is the best time to list it

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A house for sale in Tierrasanta. Photo credit: staff photo.

April showers bring May flowers, especially if you can time the sale of your home.

Nationally, a Thursday in the second half of April is the best time to list a home for sale, according to a new Zillow analysis millions of home sales in 2021.

Typically, homes listed during those weeks — April 21 and 28 of this year — can expect to fetch 2.8% more, or around $9,300 on the typical US home.

Thursdays are actually good options any time of the year. Buyers are planning weekend viewings, and homes listed could then sell for around $1,100 more.

Of course, San Diego is not typical. With its temperate climate and warm market, the region’s prime real estate season extends longer and offers even more benefits to sellers when the time is right:

  • Late March is the best time to list a home for sale in greater San Diego. Homes listed can then sell for 4.6% more, or $43,000 for a typical home. The first half of April is not far behind, at 4.1%, or $38,000 more.
  • But late October is the worst time to list a house for sale in the area. Homes listed can then sell at a discount of 3.2%, or $29,700 over the typical home.

The pandemic-era housing market bears little resemblance to that of two years ago, with exorbitant demand and record inventory driving intense competition for homes. But one thing has remained constant: putting a house up for sale in the spring yields the best results.

The potential price advantage of timely listing has increased with rising home values. Listing during the best or worst times of the year can impact the sale price by as much as $21,000, researchers say.

The difference was only $12,500 before the pandemic.

“With inventory as low as it is, home sellers can expect a quick sale pretty much year-round,” said Zillow economist Nicole Bachaud. “Even though frenzied buyers are snapping up homes within days of hitting the market and often bidding them above list price, there is still value to be had by listing a home at the right time of year. , i.e. spring in most cases.”

Some large, mostly coastal markets — including San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco — are outliers, with their best selling dates beginning before April. In most major markets, however, listing in April or as late as May is the sweet spot.

Nationally, the worst time to list a home is during the first two weeks of November, when homes are selling at a 3.5% discount.

Additionally, property listings in April are attracting up to 30% more page views per day than average, suggesting heightened interest that could spark a bidding war, resulting in the final sale above the list price. .


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