Woodland’s eyes return to pre-pandemic sales performance this fiscal year; to expand offline stores, Retail News, AND Retail


Leading performance footwear and apparel brand Woodland expects to return to pre-pandemic revenue in the current fiscal year, aided by the surge in holiday season demand over the course of the year. the next few months, a senior company official said. Woodland, which has closed about 40 stores since the start of the pandemic, is now considering adding new stores to its sales network, as the company expects customers to return to physical stores as the vaccination continues. accelerates.

In line with its sales strategy, the company said it will continue to focus on offline and online channels.

As a result of the pandemic and subsequent restrictions on the movement of people, Woodland’s sales from e-commerce channels have increased and the segment now contributes almost 40% of its total sales.

However, Woodland expects this trend to continue, but the contribution of e-commerce to the company’s overall sales is expected to decline as there would be some streamlining as offline stores rebound as the threat of the pandemic will go away.

“… If the Diwali season goes well and our online partners like Amazon and Flipkart, they have big plans for the next holiday season, if they go well, business will return to normal and we will try to achieve the same goal that we achieved in fiscal year 2019-2020, ”Aero Club General Manager Harkirat Singh told PTI.

Aero Club is the parent company of the brands – Woodland and Woods.

“We had reached around Rs 1,200 crore in fiscal year 2019-2020 and (the pandemic hit) fiscal year 2020-21, we were close to around Rs 700 crore due to the Covid period”, he added.

Woodland is also reviewing its offline retail strategy and plans to add more stores starting next year.

“We are going to review the thing again from next year, starting the opening of new stores,” Singh said adding “after the 30 to 40 stores closed, we are close to 500 now, before c ‘was about 540 stores “.

Like other companies in the segment, Woodland is also seeing an increase in demand for casual products as people are mostly housebound after pandemics and only work from home.

“We mainly make outdoor products… we normally see the requirements of our customers when they are traveling or are on track or something like that.

“During the pandemic, we brought in a new line of products. There was a demand for people who wanted comfortable shoes because they weren’t coming out during the pandemic at a lower price. We have introduced these products into our portfolio and that’s good because we could expand our portfolio to that extent … ”Singh said.

After the pandemic, the company is also seeing increased demand for its line of fitness products as people have become health conscious after the pandemic.

“… for people who are into fitness and everything, these products are growing … It has changed the fitness regimen and this category is going to grow and if the category grows it will be at our advantage, ”he said. said adding “we have already seen a lot of requests in this area”.


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